Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 7 – Page Roughs


Here are my roughs/pencils for @krisburgos story — My own personal process did get in the way, fighting over concentrating on backgrounds first or characters. A lot learned about that… From here, i’ll go into inking and finish some of the panels that were a little less bare than others. I also usually don’t go heavy with the penciling as i ink digitally the real flowy stuff, like the hammer swings and motion lines.

Had the time to really look at everyone’s rough submissions and it’s super exciting to see. I’m especially enjoying @evanscale ‘s sweeping landscapes and variety in shots/panels.

– your inks are super clean and i like how consistent you are with the lighting and using the heavy black ink to frame things.

your roughs already have the flow and energy in the character forms – can’t wait to see more

Really everyone is killing it – cant wait to see everything!

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