• psysci

    June 9, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    So I have been moving a bit faster than this process. Mainly because my artist went straight to layout from the script. I had some help from @philipspace to reel it into the process but overall the artist went into his own comfort zone. And as much as I tried to mold him to what we are doing here I was happy with his results and didn’t want to stifle him.

    Philip was super helpful by wearing two hats early on in the process. He gave me valuable feedback on the script and also drew some great thumbs as well as advice on how to lay out the story using some visual tricks.

    Here are his (Philip’s) thumbs. Page 1 had already been finalized which Philip and I both approved of. Sam (The artist) and I went back and forth editing the final design a few times to get it right.

    ***Im having trouble linking to images using the “img” button so I’m breaking up my post to see if that works.