8-Page Challenge – Starting Page – Read Me First

8-Page Challenge – Starting Page – Read Me First

Working on the rules now. Stay tuned.

-Buddy Scalera

Ok, Hello all!

This is the basics of the 8-page challenge. 
– All other information about the challenge will be updated in the forum, as the challenge continues, (here: http://create.comicbookschool.com/forums/topic/intro-schedule-guidelines-coming-soon/ ).

The Schedule starts on April 1, 2020. The goal is to have a comic book 8-10 pages in length completed and ready to publish by Sept. 21, 2020. This will give us time to have all the sumbitions complete and ready to show at New York Comic Con 2020 (#NYCC2020). This means as story with characters written, drawn, inked, colored, and lettered, and laid out in a standard format.

– You can make the comic on your own or with others, there is already a board set up to meet with other like minded individuals in order to find writers to draw for, or artists to write for, ink, letter, etc. (here: http://create.comicbookschool.com/forums/topic/8-page-team-ups/ )
– Buddy would like to collect these in an anthology and publish them as a low cost book (1.00$ – 2.00$) on his Comixology page. (Maybe that will help with some of the cost that is going into the community.)
– Currently there is no expectation to have these printed but the option is there for those who want it, we’ll explore options for this is the fall.
– If you have any questions please post to the forums, or attend the monthly online video meet-ups.

The Process:
Buddy has published several books on this subject, so I will let him weight in. 😉 But to be brief:

Story / Plot / Thumbnails / Roughs / Drawings / Ink / Color / Lettering / Final Revisions
– Print or Publish.

  1. The Writer will be responsible for the story and plot as well as review any lettering and dialog as the comic moves into the artistic stages.
  2. The Artist is responsible for the character and story visuals, which include all the ‘drawing stages’.
  3. After the book is laid out the Inker, Colorist and Letter each continue to add to the comic. And an editor usually reviews each stage and helps keep things on track.
  4. Publishing – more on this later.
  5. Keep in mind with this challenge some of these jobs maybe done by one person, some people might do the challenge on their own and will be responsible for multiple functions.

The Vocab for clarification:
Story – Basic idea, or outline of the storyline, who are the characters, where, and what happens to them, how & why?

Plot – a written document (usually formated with panel and page separations) of the entire comic, with any dialog, and visual descriptions of what happens.

Thumbnails – This is a small drawing with very little detail, usually just to block out basic character shapes and visual que to review with the writer and editor before actual full sized drawings are made.

Roughs – Full sized drawing that with very little detail to flush out the overall look and action in each panel.

Drawings – This is the actual full sized, full detail drawing of the panels and pages.

Ink – This stage of the process involves the traditional ink and shading stages of the drawings.

Lettering – This is the stage in the process where all the dialog, thought, narration and readable content will be added.

I will leave this open for Buddy to edit as he see’s fit. – Erin (Aka Redheadeded)

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