8-Page Challenge

Step 1: How to Create a Story Idea for an 8-Page Comic | #8PgChallenge

Step 2: How to Plot Your 8-Page Comic | #8PgChallenge

Step 3: How to Revise Your Plot | #8PgChallenge

Step 4: How to Create Character Sheets for Your 8-Page Comic Story | #8PgChallenge

Step 5: How to Script Your 8-Page Story | #8PgChallenge

In the meantime, here is the Announcement of the 8-Page Challenge.

Go to this forum section. Register and post a message introducing yourself. That’s it for now.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Non-Profit Organization seeks creators to create characters.

IMPORTANT: After an upgrade, we’re having some alignment problems on the message boards. Hang in there, we’re working on a fix.


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